The Grand Casino Brussels is hosting a Grand Final on October 12th 2013 at 16:00 where at least three 7,500€ Ultimate Caribbean Packages will be guaranteed. The Buy-In is 750+55€ and Belgians can qualify online through the Step SNG's on as well as via the Live Satellites that are being held bi-weekly as of August 8th 2013. Below you can find all further details for the live part of the qualification.

Bi-Weekly Live Satellite at the Grand Casino Brussels:

- NLHE 50+10€ Buy-In, every 2nd Thursday at 20:00

- 20 min Blinds and 6,000 Chips starting stack

- late registration and single re-entry available for 60€ within the first 60 minutes

- players can either take advantage of the single re-entry OR the Add-On during 1st break

- Rebuy / Add-On stack: 8,000 Chips

- at least two Entries to the 750+55€ Grand Final guaranteed

All dates can be found on the Live Satellite page, in the first four Qualifiers there will also be a Bounty on Jean Marie Vandeborne and who knocks him out will receive an entry for the next CPT Live Sat at the Grand Casino Brussels.


Grand Final - 12.10.2013, 18:00

- NLHE 750+55€ Buy-In

- 3 x 7500€ Ultimate Caribbean Packages guaranteed!

- 15,000 Starting Stack and 24 Min levels

- 60 players maximum
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